• Suite #2, The Hershey House
  • Suite #3, The School
  • Suite #4, The Park
  • Suite #5, The Theater
  • Suite #6, The Factory
  • Suite #7, The Club
  • Suite #8, The Zoo
  • Suite #9, The Studio
  • Suite #10, The Annville Cottage

Lofted Extended Stay Suites

Each fully furnished, extended stay suite has two floors of living space and each one is uniquely decorated. Short term leases starting with our minimum of 15 nights stay, the Suites On Chocolate are perfect for residents desiring home like accommodations for an extended stay.

Our Hershey Heritage

We at the Suites On Chocolate love both the rich history and the unique landmarks Hershey has to offer, so we integrated some of that history into who we are.  Our location is ideally situated in a quiet residential neighborhood only a mile from downtown Hershey.  Each of our Suites has a unique Hershey based theme that gives you an opportunity to experience some of our favorite aspects of Hershey as soon as you check in! Our Suite themes include The Hershey House, The School, The Park, The Theater, The Factory, The Club and The Zoo.